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Lost Profits

Liability & Causation

Damage Period

Discounting Future Damages

Interest Rates/Discount Rates

Ex-ante vs. Ex-post

Comparison of Business Valuation and Lost Profits Approaches

New Business Rule/Start-ups

Damages for Non-profitable Businesses

Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) seal

Economic Damages

The National Association of Valuators & Analysts (NACVA) has been very useful in providing intensive training within the Master of Financial Forensics (MAFF) credentialing program for commercial damages and lost profits.

The MAFF program instructors have taught me the elements of Lost Profits (proximate cause, foreseeability, reasonable certainty & mitigation) and methods of calculation, such as, the Yardstick, Sales Projection, Market Model and Before and After. I was also taught to write the reports in the 26(a)2B and valuations in litigation context formats in conjunction with the State and Federal standards. As the result of my training and experience I have earned the MAFF designationMAFF designation.

Straub Accounting offers commercial damage services to assist in the recovery or dismissal of damage claims that may include theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, torturous interference, personal injury, property damage and many other tort actions.

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