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Forensic Methodology

Role of a Financial Forensic Operator

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Financial Forensics and Forensic Accounting Overview

Financial forensic accountingFinancial forensics and forensic accounting are defined as the art and science of investigating people and money.

Over the last 16 years I have have specialized in financial forensics and forensic accounting in civil and criminal matters for plaintiffs and defendants.

Financial forensic operators serve in the role of fact finders. Financial forensic engagements are complex and demand that the forensic operator is knowledgeable, experienced and credentialed in financial forensics and litigation matters. In addition, they must follow professional standards, ethics, Federal and State rules of Evidence & Procedure.  In addition, they must have a process for document gathering and preserving evidence. I adhere and exceed these professional standards.

To gather relevant data in a systematic and efficient manner, I use the financial forensic methodology “Forensic Accounting/Investigation Methodology” developed and patented by Darrell D. Dorrell, CPA, ABV, MBA, ASA, CVA, DABFA, CMA and Gregory A. Gadawski, CPA, ABV, CFE, CIRA, CVA. Personnel from the FBI, DOJ, SEC and many other State and Federal organizations also have been trained in the use of this methodology.

Straub Accounting offers financial litigation support for its financial forensic and accounting services that include business valuation, commercial damages and lost profits and asset misappropriation. My training as a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics in legal and courtroom protocol, rules of discovery, evidence gathering and preservation, response to direct and cross-examination and communication with the Triers of Fact has been very beneficial in the courtroom.

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