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Risk Assessment


Fraud Prevention and Detection

Financial fraudOrganizations are subject to internal and external fraud risk. I perform fraud risk engagements where I analyze an organization’s financial controls, identify conditions that may contribute to fraud schemes and recommend appropriate action to reduce fraud riskreduce fraud risk.

All too often I find that employers place too much control into the hands of a single employee and fail to monitor financial activities. One of the worst possible control scenarios is to have a single employee who is responsible for invoicing, collections, transaction posting, bank deposits and bill payment. Essentially, employers in this scenario substitute trust for internal controls and fail to actively safeguard their assets.

Why does your organization need fraud prevention and detection training?

According to the Association of Certified Fraud ExaminersAssociation of Certified Fraud Examiners:

Organizations lose 5% of its revenues to fraud annually
The longer a perpetrator has worked for an organization, the higher the fraud losses tend to be
77% of frauds are committed by employees working in accounting, operations, sales, upper management, customer service and purchasing

Benjamin Franklin said it best “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

My seminars are highly interactive, designed to identify conditions that contribute to fraud invasion and how to implement internal controls to reduce fraud risk.

Attendees will learn

How fraud schemes function
To recognized “red flags” of potential fraud
How to gather and preserve evidence
How to avoid pitfalls of fraud investigation
How to apply appropriate fraud investigation methods & tools


Since 2004, I have delivered seminars and talks on fraud prevention, detection and investigation to a variety of companies and organizations across the country including CPA societies, chapters of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Institute of Management Accountants, and chambers of commerce.

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